Window Rectangular

Unit: 1 piece
Weight: 1.07 kg
Material frame: Polystyrene, black

Sight dimensions (b x h): 548 x 141 mm
Cutting dimensions (b x h): 588 x 181 mm

U = 2,7 W/m²K

Description: Window consists of an outer and inner frame. Outer
frame: glued 2mm PMMA glass. Loose inner frame and
spacer, loose 2mm PMMA inner glass. Outer frame
provided with butyl seal for max 0.5 mm unevenness.
Greater unevenness (ie panel with dents) will need
additional sealant. Inner frame: open; supplied with 10
fixing screws. For more information ask for our customer

Application: Residential / Industrial

Pieces per box:12
Pieces per pallet:288
Window Rectangular