Hardware box SFR/SF200 (H<3000, W<5000)

Hardware box SFR200/SF200: 

Basic hardware box for door width <5m and height <3m. Max. 6 panel door.

Contents of the box: 490093 (pdf)

1x   110010  Cable Drum M102-3125 SL (pair)
1x   13006  Front bracket (pair)
2x   13026-27.1  Bearing with retainer
26x  14022  Lock nut M8
2x   14023  Cylinder head bolt M8x17
20x  14024  Cylinder head bolt M8x10,5
4x   24801  Connection bracket
4x   24803  Suspension bracket long
2x   25043.1  Top roller carrier
1x   25056  Bottom corner bracket with T-fixation (pair)
4x   25064  High key
1x   25110-4  Assembled cable
6x   25630  Spacers H=5mm
4x   25631  Spacers H=7,5mm
4x   25632  Spacers H=10mm
1x   25650-L  Spring break device
1x   25650-R  Spring break device

Pieces per box:2
Pieces per pallet:40