Hardware box EXS70

Hardware Basic box EXS70 for door width <3m and height <2,5m.

Contents of the box: 115950 (pdf)

1x 115001: Pulley bracket left for tension door
1x 115002: Pulley bracket right for tension door
1x 115003: Upper pulley left for tension door.
1x 115004: Upper pulley right for tension door.
2x 115005: Spring connection plate left and right
2x 115006: Springtensioner left and right.
2x 115007: Return pulley left and right for tension door.
1x 115008: Adjustable top roller holder left for tension door.
1x 115009: Adjustable top roller holder right  for tension door.
2x 115011: Tension compensating device
1x 25052: Bottom bracket
10x 25008: Roller 46/11/90 mm black
10x 250001: Roller finger protection shaft 11 mm
2x 24801: Connection bracket
2x 24803: Installation brackets 350x125 mm
8x 25630: Distance ring 11-5 mm
16x 25631: Distance ring 11-7.5 mm
12x 25632: Distance ring 11-10 mm
26x 150002: Self tapping fastener 6.3x25
10x 14020: Self tapping fastener 6.3x16
40x 14022: Flange nut M8
6x 14023: Cylinder head bolt M8x17
34x 14024: Cylinder head bolt M8x10.5

Pieces per box:2
Pieces per pallet:36