Hardware box EXS40R - RAL 9016

Hardware box for EXS40R system: 

Contents of the box: 

2x   115027  Spring connection strip
1x   115020  Pully bracket (pair)
2x   115025  Cable connection bracket
2x   115028  Spring connection adaptor
2x   115029  Return pulley
2x   115034  Pulley cover bracket
2x   115035  Cover for pulley
2x   115038  Cable compensator device
4x   150001  Distance clip
4x   150003  Plastic spacer
10x  150106  Tapping screw ISO 7049 ST 4,2x9,5
2x   150108  Hexagon head bolt DIN 933 M8x40
28x  14022  Lock nut M8
18x  14023  Cylinder head bolt M8x17
8x   14024  Cylinder head bolt M8x10,5
1x   25003-R9016  Adjustable top roller (RAL 9016)
1x   25051-R9016  Bottom corner bracket (pair) (RAL 9016)