Cable Drum M162-4165 HL

Unit: Pair
Weight: 6,8 kg / pair 
Material: Aluminium
Max. High lift: 4169 mm at 0.5 safety windings: 2943 mm at 2.0 safety windings
Max. door height: Depending on opening height and high lift.
Max. door weight: 728 kg
Max. cable diameter: 6 mm
Shaft diameter: 1 inch (25.4mm)
Marking: Red = Left, Black = Right

Description: Is used for high lift doors. Supplied with 2 set screws for fixa
tion on shaft. One cable set screw for cable fixation. For more
information ask for a customer drawing. Minimum wall offset =
152mm. Max torque bolts 20Nm.

Application: Industrial garage doors

Pieces per box:4
Pieces per pallet:96
Cable Drum M162-4165 HL