Residential garage door system with front torsion springs

Doco International introduces a new Residential garage door system; SF200. You save time and money because of the innovative easy mount principle of the power unit. The track sets are available in bolted and riveted versions. This System is suitable for 38-42mm panels. Available as pre-assembled sets or separate components.


  • 15% cost reduction on trackset (in comparison with SFR200)
  • Only 1 track transition (Only in vertical part)
  • Only 2 pre-assemblies (vertical and horizontal)
  • Available in bolted and riveted versions
  • Equipped with slot holes in the horizontal tracks
  • Able to mount art. nr. 24720 (side plate) afterwards without drilling
  • Easy suspension to roof
  • Easy installation of power unit
  • One person fitting using only one 13mm tool

Technical information

  • Torsion spring system (front)
  • Seven standard heights available; 1985, 2110, 2235, 2360, 2485, 2735, 2985mm
  • Sideroom for door width <3000mm, minimum 75mm with 14024 bolt
  • For doors wider > 3000mm; Side room= 90mm (usage of 13026/27 bearing)
  • Maximum door size: 5000 x 3000mm (W x H)
  • Maximum door weight: 165kg
  • Headroom min. 200mm (incl/excl operator)
  • CE designed conform 13241-1
  • ITT approved