Roller 25010-E with precision bearing | Industrial angle cutting tool | Ratchet socket



Continued due to success: roller 25010-E with precision bearing

In October 2015 we introduced our updated roller 25010-E
Since then the roller has been upgraded with a high-quality precision bearing (6200ZZ).

Because of the positive feedback from our customers, 
we will keep supplying these rollers until further notice.

So you can still provide your customer with more quality for the same price! 



Now available: angle cutting tool

Cutting angles without the need of a grinder will become very easy using this angle cutting tool (900107). Specially designed for angles with a maximum thickness of 2,5 mm. 

Suitable for theses punched angles:
220030-3000 (2,5 mm)
22017 (2 mm)



900108   New: ratchet socket

As of today, we are offering you a special ratchet socket (900108) for socket wrenches / torque wrenches. This 1/4" ratchet socket is perfectly suitable for the square bolts in our cable drums, spring plugs, and couplers.

For easy identification, the ratchet sockets were sprayed in a striking blue color.