Side sliding door

DOCO Side Sliding Door - Kit - DOCO SSD-Kit ® the solution for your side sliding door requirements

New trend: Side sliding doors!

It is a fact, the side sliding garage door is the new and growing trend in the industry. The system offers a lot of advantages compared to traditional garage doors. Pedestrian access without fully opening the door is already available and the system also offers safety and heat savings.

We have seen in both the residential garage door market and in the industrial door market that there is a growing demand for side sliding garage doors and more and more end users are appreciating the advantages of this type of garage door and choose for this solution.

New: as of today we offer our side sliding door to you as an easy-to-install kit, the DOCO SSD-KIT®. These kits have been designed to provide component systems that are of high quality and functionality, many of which have been patented. The side sliding door kits are an innovation when it comes to quality, individuality and installation and DOCO have designed the kits to be compatible with several types of panels:

  •  Kingspan
  •  Bremet / Metecno
  •  Thyssenkrupp – Bausysteme
  •  Ryterna

Of course we have the possibility to make the DOCO SSD – KIT suitable for more panels. Please contact our sales department to discuss all possibilities. Download the brochure here.