Continued Improvement through SKU


Doco continues to make improvements in quality and inventory control by implementing a SKU Management System, developed by Exact for Doco, into its main warehouse at Sittard in the Netherlands.

A Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) Management System has a number of benefits to an operation, which as well as improving processes and tracking for Doco, also delivers better quality control to our customers.

SKU is a unique number or code that is allocated to a pallet of stock identifying its location, the items on the pallet and their batch details. The number is allocated on receipt of the pallet into our warehouse and tracked through our processes all the way to delivery to our customer, so we always have a record of what batch a customer has received.

The benefits of SKU go much further than this though, in improving the efficiency and accuracy of our order fulfilment and stock control processes; by telling the operator the most efficient way to pick an order; removing the need to split pallets, therefore increasing productivity whilst reducing handling errors.

In summary SKU delivers the following benefits

  • Higher Efficiency and Accuracy in handling / picking process
  • Possibility to advise “full pallets” directly from bulk location, rather than picking location, improving productivity
  • Better insight into stock positions
  • One SKU number results in reduction of errors
  • FIFO / LIFO picking advice based on SKU receipt date
  • Enhanced tracking and tracing as SKU transaction history remains available in our system meaning customer queries or communications can be directed accurately and promptly