Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement

Policy regarding the use of the Doco International website and the protection of personal information.

Browsing on the Doco International website the use of its functionalities offered are subject to the following conditions.

If you do not accept these conditions, please leave the site immediately.

Intellectual property

Access to this site does not translate in the transfer of any right to intellectual property in your favour. Except for the rights to work that has been granted to third parties, all pictures, design elements, graphic elements, texts, trade marks, logos, buttons, icons and all other content including their presentation, selection and arrangements as well as all computer software are the exclusive intellectual property of Doco International B.V. Any duplication, distribution, sale, transfer or modification of this site content or data is strictly forbidden without Doco International B.V. express authorization.

Use of the site

This site, its content and its functionalities are offered exclusively for information purposes.

Exclusion of the responsibility

The information provided on this site including the present policy is subject to changes without prior notice. The user of this site is responsible to verify if its content has been modified on each visit. This information is offered without guarantee regarding its integrity and reliability, only the terms and conditions of a formal contract between Doco International B.V. and a third party may be opposable, save any claim to the contrary based on the site content at a specific time.

Doco International B.V. will not be held responsible for any disbursement, or damage, direct or indirect resulting from the consultation or use of this site, its non-availability or the non-availability of one or more of its functionalities, the suspension of its publication on the Internet, the distribution of a computer virus or malicious codes or for any other reason. If need be, the access to an external site from this site does not involve Doco International B.V. responsibility.

Legal framework applicable

This site (excluding external sites) is hosted, published and managed by Doco International B.V. from its head office in Sittard, The Netherlands. By entering this site, you accept that all affairs in relation to the access to or the use of this site are governed by the applicable Dutch federal laws.

Doco International B.V. doesn't make any representation concerning the compliance of this site content for any other territory than the Netherlands. The user entering this site from another territory accepts to observe the laws, rules and norms applicable to this territory, without responsibility from Doco International B.V.

Protection of personal information

Doco International B.V. has adopted a protection of personal information policy which aims to protect your private life, in accordance with the applicable laws in the Netherlands. However, public communication networks such as the Internet are open systems with links shared by many users. you recognize that Doco International B.V. does not guarantee that some personal information won't be intercepted and manipulated by third parties. For the purpose of operating this site, Doco International B.V. may collect some information, including personal information.

This information will never be the object of a communication, transfer, sale, assignment or any other commercial transaction with third parties without your authorization. This information may however be transferred between various internal departments or with distributors adhering to a protection of personal information policy, for the purpose of administration and management.

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