More flexibility with seals

Since we introduced the new thermal break seal you as our customer can choose whether you use in your system the standard 24740/24750 or thermal break seal  225010/225020.
To offer you more flexibility in this we decided to change the setup from the vertical sets for several systems ( REN-70 and SRR-70 ). The change will be that from June 1th we will no longer deliver the standard seal in this assembly.

This means that you as our customer can decide which seal you would like to use and should be ordered separately.


The item  numbers that are involved are :

REN-70 : 43000-xxxx,  43010-xxxx,  43020-xxxx and 43030-xxxx,
SRR-70 :  44000-xxxx,  44010-xxxx, 44020-xxxx and 44030-xxxx.


For more information you can contact your sales manager.